If you don’t know how to ask a girl out properly this article will definitely help you. Once you learn how to do it you won’t feel nervous and you will feel more comfortable when you approach a girl. Keep reading and you’ll also learn how to get a girl to like you too.

Be Confident

In order to ask a girl out and get her to like you it’s important to have confidence. Without confidence you won’t be able to approach girls in a way that will make them want to date you.

Once you become more confident your chances of getting the girl you want will improve dramatically. Even if you don’t feel confident at least look confident by holding your head up, keep your back straight, and talk slowly instead of in a fast tone.

Get Familiar With Her

You have to get familiar with a girl first if you want to improve your chances of her telling you yes when you ask her out. If you know people that know her ask them some questions that will let you get to know her better.

Once you know who she is as a person and what she likes to do it will be easy to ask her out. When you try to get more information on her you will probably learn that she has some similar interests as you. If she does then you can bond with her easier because you can ask her to do things that you know that she’ll enjoy doing with you.

Don’t Be Scared of Rejection

Rejection is one of the key reasons why some guys are afraid to approach women. However, you should never be scared of rejection if you want to get a girl to go out with you. If she rejects you by telling you no when you ask her out don’t show any signs that you were hurt by her decision.

Don’t look sad, disappointed, or angry, but instead keep a smile on your face and tell her you respect her decision before you walk off with your head high. You never know, when she sees that you aren’t heart broken over her telling you no she will gain some respect for you and decide to go out with you another time.

Never Beg

Begging a girl to go out with you is the worse thing you can ever do. You should never beg or look desperate because no woman wants a guy that’s always begging. You don’t want her to feel sorry for you and go out with you out of sympathy because you won’t have her respect and she probably won’t want to go out with you on a second date.

Also, if she tells you yes don’t look too excited and start jumping around smiling from ear to ear. It’s best to keep your cool and nonchalantly tell her that she’s glad she said yes and leave it at that. Then when you go on the date with her you should take the laid back approach and just let it flow. She will like you even more when she sees how easy going you are.

These are some of the best tips for asking a girl out and getting her to like you. Hopefully these tips will make you more comfortable the next time you approach a girl that you like.
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