Why you can’t be friends with your ex!

It is always tempting to ask your ex to be your friend, partly because you don’t want to lose that special bond you had or it could be because you always want to know what he is up to. Whatever the case, being friends with your ex is a very bad idea and here are ten reasons why you can’t be friends with your ex.

It is torture. Being friends with your ex can be a very torturous experience. There is always the tendency that he  will do something nice to you as a habit from your relationship which may flood back some emotions. For instance, you may want to kiss him or get comfortable as you previously did which will be uncomfortable and torturous.

False hope. Since you were both used to being around each other as lovers, it may be quite difficult to drop some habits as friends. However, the more you hang out with your ex, there is always false hope of getting back together.

You can not undo the past. As the rule goes, most platonic male and female friends haven’t seen each other naked. Therefore, if you want to be friends with your ex, it can be quite difficult specifically for this reason.

Do you honestly want them with somebody else. There is always the chance that your ex will meet someone new. However, as an ex and a current friend, you will always oppose to such a decision which makes it hard for you to be good friends with him.

You can not talk about your personal lives without it getting awkward. It will always get awkward when you start talking about your personal lives. Since you are pretending to be friends, there are always a few topics you should start avoiding which makes the whole friendship weird.

Do you want to go to his wedding? Real friends should be happy for each other. Ask yourself this, will you ever attend his wedding?

It is awkward for your mutual friends. It’s always going to be awkward for your mutual friends to remain friends with you. They always remember how affectionate the two of you used to be. In most cases, you will always have them pick sides which can be quite uncomfortable especially if they love you both unconditionally.

The mixed signals. The two of you shared a great portion of your life together no matter how short or long it was. During that time, there were nicknames, memories and a few jokes that you reserved for each other. It will definitely be confusing trying to forget all these episodes of good times.

The chance of finding true love is slim if you are still hanging out with your ex. If you want to move on from your ex and fall in love with someone new, there is no way you can still be friends.

It is not healthy. Always remember that your ex broke your heart. There is always the pain and hate associated with that. Therefore, you can’t be friends with your ex if you are trying to be happy. You need to forget about the people who hurt you and start over fresh!

If you are tempted to be friends with your ex, remember he doesn’t love you anymore and there is no chance of reclaiming the love the two of you had before the breakup (even if you get back together again).
What are your thoughts on being friends with an ex? Possible.. or not?
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