Are you looking for an awesome place that you can experience dangerous crocodiles up close? Davao Crocodile Park is the place for you! If you find yourself in Davao City and looking for an awesome and exiting activity then Davao Crocodile Park has to be on your to do list. You can experience crocodiles up close and personal but without the danger of encountering them in the wild.

It does not take long to get here by taxi it is about a 20 minute drive from the city centre, yes so close i know. Do not worry about finding a taxi after as outside the park a few taxi’s are always waiting to take you home. In typical Davao fashion the taxi drivers will never try to rip you off and will always use the meter no questions asked.

There are many exhibitions done inside the cages, some cages containing not just one but many crocodiles. One of the cages holds “The Beast” a massive crocodile you can get the experience of viewing him eat. If you are brave enough you can even find yourself touching the crocodiles, giving them a feel like they are one of your pets… are you game enough?

Davao Crocodile Park Photos

Davao Crocodile Park Eagle  Davao Crocodile Park Turtles Davao Crocodile Park Ostrich
Davao Crocodile Park Philippine Deer Davao Crocodile Park Cage Davao Crocodile Park Close Up

Davao Crocodile Park Entrance Fee

Adults are 200p (approx $5.00)

Children 100p (approx $2.50)



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