Most men today would rather date a Christian Filipina for many reasons. Among other things, Filipina girls are desirable and open to serious relationship. If you are interested in dating a Filipina girl, it is imperative that you conduct yourself very well. The way you handle the relationship will determine how well it turns out. Often, it is men who have to make sure that certain steps were taken before the relationship can blossom rather than the girl. Perhaps, you do not know what to do when dating a Filipina girl, here are some tips to guide you when dating a girl of Filipina origin.

Ways to date a Christian Filipina 

  1. Start the Right Way: In the past, some people consider Filipina girl as mail order wife because some men would buy mailing addresses of women and start writing love letters as if they were placing order for a wife. They then wait for response from their target. Often, no reply comes as some girl may not be open to such long distance admirer. That is in distant past now, and you have to approach dating in a different way. Though, most men meet Filipina girl online, they still have to meet them physically. So, make arrangement for that.
  2. Find Out about Her Preference: Although, most Christian Filipina girls are open to dating older men and marrying them, you should find out the preference of the girl you intend to date or even marry. 90% of Filipina girl would date or marry a man who is twice older than her. What if the girl you pick is among the remaining 10%? So, find out beforehand, especially if you are old.
  3. Respect Her View: To win a Filipina girl’s heart, it is important to respect her view and ideas. If you do not share similar views on matter, let her know you value her opinion. Do not say bad things about her religion. Rather, be an open-minded person even if you disagree.
  4. Follow Her to Church: Filipina girls are religious and you should be ready to be too. Whenever possible, follow her to church on Sunday. This will make her feel you love her and that you are serious and want to know her better. You will also be able to spend quality time together and increase your bond.
  5. Be Punctual: You will be hurting your chance of impressing a Christian Filipina girl if you arrive late on a date. Do not turn up late, but be the first person to arrive and wait for her. Turning up late will give the impression that she is not that important. Filipina girls place seriousness on how they are treated on a first outing with their man. If you have made arrangement to pick her up from her home, make sure you arrive before the appointed time.
  6. Be Courteous: Treating her with kind words and using respectful words to address her will go a long way to help you hook up a Filipina girl. Opening the door for her, ushering her to a seat will impress her.
  7. Be Generous: Buying her a gift is another way to date a Christian Filipina girl. When you take her out, pay the bill and she will see you as a responsible man



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