Love. Yeah, it’s a scary word. But if you truly want happiness and fulfilment in your life, you can’t be without it. So I thought I’d give you some expert advice on relationships and dating, especially to men. Because as a guy myself, I know how hard it can be to fall in love with a girl, but to see her dating another man. Let me help you win the love of your life.

1. Show intent from the beginning

You want to avoid the friend zone like the plague. And one way you can do that is by showing your true intent. Your intent should be in the frame of a man to a woman and not the frame of a friend to a friend. You want to convey your interest to her and show her that you like her more than just a friend. This can help you escape that treacherous friend zone.

2. Be physical

Some of the most respected and charismatic people on earth use “touch” to create rapport with another human being. They know that a simple touch on the arm or a pat on the shoulder is an instant rapport building mechanism. But don’t go too crazy with being physical. You don’t want to be creepy. But, just a little touch on the arms here and there, and maybe some high fives won’t hurt anybody. It’ll show her that you are comfortable with others and will create a fast connection.

3. Be self amused

One of the best ways of creating natural attraction with women, is to be light-hearted and funny. You want to make them laugh and smile a lot so that it activates a lot of their emotions. One way is through being self-amused. Self-amusement is the concept of making yourself laugh. You should be saying things and doing things that make yourself laugh. And by making yourself laugh, you’ll transfer that vibe from you to the girl, and she’ll also feel like laughing also. This is called the law of state transference, also known as mirror neurons. Which leaves me to the next tip.

4. Mirror Neurons

You are basically using mirror neurons, whenever you are in high, intense states. One such state, could be high energy. Have you ever noticed that being next to someone who has such high levels of energy, also makes you more energetic? Well, this is mirror neurons, also known as the law of state transference that is taking place. So, when you are on a date with a girl, you can use this to your advantage. You can get yourself into a very high energy, and fun state, and that will automatically transfer unto the girl, and make her night more enjoyable. She’ll also be a lot more attracted to you as well.

5. Be present to the moment

When you are with a girl or on a date, make sure you are very present to the moment. This means not thinking about the past, not thinking about the bills you have to pay at home, and not thinking about your friend’s birthday coming up next week. You need to make sure you are “in the moment” with the girl and give you’re your upmost attention. In fact, all your relationships should be this way. You should be listening to the other person intently, and be very aware of your “awareness” sort of speak. Be actively engaging your presence, and make sure you use this to make sure the girl is having a good time.

6. Use stories

One way to be interactive in a conversation is to share interesting stories. Stories can help people related to one another, and really find out what kind of personalities each person has. Try sharing some interesting stories. After you tell yours, ask the girl if she’s had a similar experience and if she’s willing to share. Some fun story topics are: embarrassing stories, spontaneous moments, or scariest moments. Make sure to use good story structure to make it more exciting and fun.

7. Eye contact

As simple as it sounds, it is still one of the most important thing you can do in any interaction. You can tell almost everything from someone’s eyes, especially girls. Girls have this super, ultra-sensitive radar on accessing how someone is through their eyes. So if you have good eye contact, and can maintain it really well, you’ll have no problem getting a girlfriend. Make sure where your eyes are wandering. And even though you are a man, try not to look at her body parts so much. It’s really weird if your pupils look down for a second and they come back up. Just look at her eyes if you have nowhere to look.

Well, these are my seven tips to have an awesome dating life and to get the girl of your dreams. If you are already in a relationship and need some help in this area, try out the Relationship rewind course, or if you are looking for a girlfriend, the girlfriend activation system would be a great start. Wherever you are in your relationship stage, I wish you the best of luck.



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